Sunday, 15 January 2012

DSTV Mobile decoder ( DSTV drifta) Latest version working on jailbreak

Ok keeping this short and simple

Of you have a DSTV mobile decoder and want to watch it on your iphone then i have the app for you :)

Multichoice blocked any old versions from being used on the decoders so here's one that works.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Lego Mindstorms NXT – A Perfect Gift

The Lego Mindstorms NXT is a perfect gift for your little emerging engineer. When searching for that gift that is sure to bring smiles and shouts of happiness on Christmas morning, consider the Lego Mindstorm line of products and toys. Don’t get me wrong, this is more than a toy and it is ideal for children adults who love educational toys. A Mindstorm Lego is more than a typical block set. Lego has out done itself with Mindstorm. This is a fully programmable robot that can actually be commanded to do things from any computer. The Mindstorm is a mini robot that you build and master its command by following simple steps.
Lego is well known for making educational products that develops the imagination and this is not an exception. While it is designed for slightly older kids, it makes the perfect gift for the inquisitive child that wants a robot of their very own. The robot you build can be programmed to do simple tasks from rolling a ball and going from a certain point to another point. With the proper accessories and a little hard your child can enjoy the movements of this robot. Lego Mindstorm combines the versatility of building system with a microcomputer brick and a software enabling you to build robots that can feel, move and speak, which will amaze children.
Many schools and other education institutions use the Lego Mindstorms NXT systems to teach robotics and many schools host competitions allowing children to show off and build robotic skills. This Lego set encourages not only to build the imagination of your kid but it also uses actual robotic engineering, sparking delight for any child.
On Christmas morning delight your child with a Lego Mindstorms NXT. This unique gift from Lego will entertain your little builder. Children’s eyes will light up as they discover their own robot and learn how to program their new friend to do all kinds of tasks. The Lego Mindstorm is an ingenious blend of building and programming perfect for developing all kinds of brain skills while having fun learning and growing.
If you are looking for a perfect gift that can develop your child imagination, the Lego Mindstorms NXT is probably your best choice. As I mentioned before, Lego is well-known for its quality, durability and making educational toys that both children and adult loves. This impressive robot made of Lego is one of the best Christmas gift available from Lego this year, and I am sure, it will entertain your child for years to come.

Princess Dress Up Trunk – The Perfect Gift For Little Girls For Christmas and Birthdays

Princess dress up trunk sets are great gifts for little girls that love to play dress-up. At you ages, kids like to play make believe and do everything that adults do. With all the cartoons and fairy tale princesses in videos by companies like Disney, more and more girls like to pretend that they are their favorite princesses.
A princess dress up trunk is easy and simple to get all the necessary accessories because everything is provide in one box that has the pretty dresses, jewelry, tiaras and more. Some sets will have different colors and styles of dresses. Brand name ones like Disney princess dress up trunks will have all the different costumes from the popular princesses from the movies.
Birthdays and Christmas are great occasions to get that special little girl a dress up trunk with princess-themed clothing. But there doesn’t have to be a specific event. Set goals and if they meet them, then a reward like a dress-up trunk can be rewarding and motivating.
All the popular big box stores like Walmart, Target and Amazon will have many different styles and types of princess trunks for dress up. During the holidays there will definitely be many in stock return to be taken home. During the off-season, the prices will be found online. This is especially true of outlet and clearance shops. Buying a set when they go on sale and then hiding then for the perfect moment is smart shopping.
Your little ones will enjoy hours of play time dressing up in purple and pink dresses fit for any princess. From ball gowns to other formal clothing, little girls from all over will have fun mixing and matching with their friends and siblings. The best thing about all these things coming together in a trunk is that it’s a perfect place to store all the accessories, then transport them to where ever you need to go like a friend’s house for a sleepover or to grandma’s house for the weekend.
When you see your children smiling and spinning around in their new outfits and having fun, you will understand the worth of quality pretend time and realistic princess dresses that will impress your little ones. Kids are smart and know the difference between real looking dresses like those in the cartoons and imitation ones. Keeping them occupied is sometimes hard, but with great products like Disney princess dress up trunks, getting your little girls to stop playing will be the problem.

Gas Credit Cards

Escalating gas prices have burnt a hole in the average driver’s pocket. It is not feasible to do away with gasoline. However, one can opt for an economical alternative, like gas credit cards to avail rebates or gift certificates on gas purchases. Gas credit cards are appropriate for people who want to curb their fuel bills and prefer credit cards as a method of payment. All major credit card companies offer this specialty credit card.
How It Works
The functioning of gas credit cards depend on the credit card company and the quantity of fuel purchased. For instance, several cards offer a specific percentage of discounts. Some cards give cash back rewards. There are others who follow the point system in which the consumer is rewarded points on every refuel.
Using gas credit cards is a practical way to counter rising gas prices. It is possible to save more money during the initial period because a relatively high rebate percentage is given during this time. There is no lag in the redemption of rebate. So cardholders can get instant cash rewards. In the case of brand specific cards, additional rebates can be obtained since the same gas station is visited often. Many gas cards also offer a 5% rebate on grocery store or drug store purchases and a 1% rebate on the purchase of merchandise or airline tickets. Gas credit cards can be used almost everywhere, when ready cash is not available. It is wise to keep abreast of the terms and conditions of your card because they are subject to change.
An annual fee of approximately $30 to $200 is to be paid, depending on the type of gas credit card used. There are some cards that do not charge an annual fee. Other associated costs could be charges incurred for purchasing over permissible limits.
Getting a gas credit card is a complete personal decision, and varies from person to person. Things to take into account are the number of credit cards you already have and your financial situation.
Gas rebate cards are issued by both gasoline companies and credit card companies. Generally, the ones issued by credit card companies offer more flexibility, because gas station credit cards require you to use the card at specific stores in order to realize the rebate. This is to establish brand loyalty, of course. Some of the gasoline companies who issue these cards are Shell, Citgo, Amoco and BP. These cards are also made available by major credit card companies like, MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Onda vi10

Hello whoever reads this :)

Wondering about the Onda Vi10 or upgrading to android 2.2 / custom firmware?
There is very little documentation ( in english) about this device and any software mods.
I decided to make a english post so that the rest of the world can enjoy modding the device.

If you are looking for software updates or other firmwares then navigate here, use google page translation to go through it. theres a entire fourm about this device and you can get all sorts of firmware and patches there.
In order to download anything you will have to make a account and post a comment. I will give you a few firmwares here to spare you :)
Language issue: If you flash and device is stuck in chinese. Go to Settings ( look for its icon) then select the 8th menu down in the list, select the first menu within that one and you will be able to change languages back to english. 

- Android Froyo 2.2 v4
-- I am currently downloading this so i dont know if it is any good, but according to the forum it is the most stable 2.2 for the Onda Vi10. it has been striped of all useless stuff Onda loads on it. Will update you to how it runs.

-Another Froyo Firmware (flashing now) Forum
--  Ok booting now, boot screen is chinese.
-- Unplug device to do screen alignment, might say low battery.
-- Runs WAY smoother, pre rooted and has market ( signing in - successful) MARKET WORKS FULLY
-- keyboard seems to be less buggy, can type faster without it repeating letters or closing.
-- this build seems to have all issues fixed, all hardware works, g-sensor and hdmi!
I recommend upgrading to this. looks like the onda vi10 can get android market

In order to flash your device you will need a rockchip flashing tool ( download). instructions are in the file but will but them here also

Heres text file on flashing onda rockchip all was in chinese :P

Translated for you :D

1.  Power your device off fully
2.  Plug it into the computer, hold down the back button and power button till your computer detects new hardware. It will not recognize it. Go to device manager and install the driver in this archive(folder called driver). Point it to the folder it is in ( manual install) windows will do the rest. Once you have installed the driver RKupdate, block 1 will go from pink ( device dectected) to green (device ready)
3.  In the application there are 2 browse to file fields. Do not touch the boot one, go to the second field and browse to your update.img file
To start the flash press the first left hand button at the bottom of the app, then the second one. Leave your device plugged in and it will begin the flash

if you have any issues or questions email me
Update: FW Download links my no longer work, due to the hosting limits of the blog. I no longer have the firmwares :( sorry, just look around and see if you find something you like.